The 20th Hamamatsu Jazz Week


Thank you for coming to Hamamatsu Jazz Week 2011. All events are finished.


Sunday, October 23 13:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / Main Hall 

Yamaha Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu '11

Makoto Ozone

Hear it here!

Hear it here, in Hamamatsu, City of Music. "Yamaha Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu" is held every year in response to the passionate anticipation of music fans. In this, its twentieth year, the festival welcomes a long-awaited performance from pianist Makoto Ozone. Ozone, an active exponent of jazz around the world, leads "No Name Horses," a big band made up of some of Japan's finest musicians, with a sound that transcends the borders of jazz - they just have to be heard! Also featured in the program are world-class trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, together with Seiji Tada, alto sax player from "the MOST," and in addition, a stunning vocal duo from Hamamatsu-born vocalists Shigeko Suzuki and Yoshiko Kishino, all adding up to a list that is sure to boost expectations in the music world.


PART.I A fiery combination of a superb group with a jazz giant
the MOST featuring Wycliffe Gordon
PART.II A profound meeting between voice and piano
Shigeko Suzuki and Yoshiko Kishino Duo
PART.III An elite ensemble, supple and refined
Makoto Ozone and No Name Horses
  • Wycliffe Gordon
  • the MOST
  • Shigeko Suzuki
  • Makoto Ozone and No Name Horses

Friday, October 21 18:30- ACT City Hamamatsu Seminar and Exchange Center Music Workshop Hall

Family Jazz Concert

Family jazz concert

A humor-filled show featuring jazz arrangements of favorite children's songs.

Hirotaka Nakagawa, composer of "The kids live in the world," which is found in children's textbooks in Japan, joins jazz great Makoto Oka and three other supporting musicians for what promises to be some great family jazz, "Rainbow," "To be a friend," "My first step," and other favorite children's songs from Nakagawa are transformed into jazz arrangements, with the Modern Gag Quartet topping off what might be your child's first taste of jazz.

Saturday, October 15 12:30- ACT City Hamamatsu / Concert Hall

Student Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu '11

Student Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu '11

Choosing the best big bands from elementary, middle, and high-schools!

Performances from outstanding elementary, middle, and high-school bands active in every area in Japan, including lively local bands from Hamamatsu. In Japan, jazz is enjoyed by an ever-broadening age group, and this festival is held with the aim of promoting and developing student jazz here in Hamamatsu. To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of Hamamatsu Jazz Week, we plan to offer awards to the most outstanding bands.

Sunday, October 16 14:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / Seminar and Exchange Center (2F-3F)

Jazz Workshop

Jazz Workshop

Workshops from top-class artists, focusing on improvisation. An amazing curriculum!

Learn the secrets of jazz directly from artists at the forefront of the jazz scene!
Benefit from one-on-one lessons that will help you overcome any difficulties with performing, improvising, and rhythm! All lessons are open to the public and there are also forums for questions from listeners. Don't miss the special live performance from the lecturers!

Saturday, October 22 14:00- ACT City Hamamatsu Seminar and Exchange Center Music Workshop Hall

Rakugo and Jazz

The chic connection between jazz and rakugo storytelling, with Masahiko Satoh

The chic connection between jazz and rakugo storytelling, with Masahiko Satoh

Why is it that there are many jazz musicians in Japan who like rakugo storytelling, and why are so many rakugo masters fans of jazz? We invited Master Shinya Kokontei to examine this phenomenon. Featuring authentic rakugo classics and a jazz ensemble playing traditional Japanese debayashi music. You'll laugh so hard it'll hurt!

Sunday, October 23 12:00- North Exit Plaza (Kitara) etc

Street Jazz Festival

Turning downtown Hamamatsu the color of jazz.

Turning downtown Hamamatsu the color of jazz.

Held every year, these performances are very popular, with people enjoying them on street corners throughout the downtown area. This year the jazz festival is being held in conjunction with the local "Hamamatsu Jazz Day" event, expanding the scale of events on offer.


Ticket sales begin Saturday, July 30.

Win T-shirts in the stamp rally!

Original limited-edition T-shirts for the first 100 people to collect stamps from three locations.

*Stamp cards are available at all venues.
*In the event of a large number of entries, winners will be chosen by lottery.
*May include either one event from either Student Jazz or Street Jazz.

City jazz club

Live performances planned for jazz clubs!

  • Jazz in "B♭"
  • JAZZ SPOT analog.
  • Live Spot Abu House
  • Otogi Zoshi
  • Ginza Lion Hamamatsu
  • Setsugekka
  • Hermit Dolphin
  • Sun Street HAMAKITA
  • Hamamatsu Municipal Art Museum
  • Mein Schloss
  • Tamachi Salon

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