The 21th Hamamatsu Jazz Week


Thank you for coming to Hamamatsu Jazz Week 2012. All events are finished.


Yamaha Jazz Festival

Sunday, November 4 13:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / Main Hall 

"Hear it here!" 窶鐀 the promise of the Yamaha Jazz Festival.

Among the many jazz festivals held in Japan, the Yamaha Jazz Festival is renowned for its originality. Fashioned around encounters with great jazz musicians and music, the festival unites the up-and-coming musicians who are the future of jazz with the veterans who are able to transmit the soul of Japanese jazz to this next generation, providing a uniqueness that can only be heard here. The Yamaha Jazz Festival offers a superb lineup, welcoming such artists as jazz pianist Junko Onishi, who has continued with her remarkable work since returning to jazz in 2007, jazz vocalist Kei Kobayashi, whose warm, husky voice charms audiences everywhere, the Battle Jazz Big Band, with its thrilling big band sound and virtuoso technique, and innovative world-class jazz violinist Christian Howes.

Natural talent shining direct from the heart
The music of life, created by a trio
Junko Onishi TRIO
Mellow relaxation
Songs that speak of the good old days
Kei Kobayashi+4
This is true speed!
A thrilling, high-speed big band experience
BATTLE JAZZ BIG BAND meets Christian Howes
  • Junko Onishi
  • Kei Kobayashi
  • Christian Howes

Family Jazz Concert

Sunday, October 28 14:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / The Seminar and Exchange Center Music Studio Hall

  • Family Jazz Concert

First held in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Hamamatsu Jazz Week in 2011, this family event is back this year by popular demand. Hirotaka Nakagawa (Vo), composer of "The kids live in the world," a song found in children's textbooks in Japan, joins jazz great Makoto Oka (Ts,Fl) to transform "Rainbow," "To be a friend," "My first step," and other children’s favorites from Nakagawa into jazz arrangements. Picture books, hand games, and sleight of hand all contribute to making this a fun first jazz experience for children.

Hirotaka Nakagawa (Vo), Makoto Oka (Ts,Fl)
Takeshi Otomo(Pf,pianica), Masayuki Tawarayama(B)
Yoshihito Eto(Dr)

Student Jazz Festival

Saturday, October 27 12:30- ACT City Hamamatsu / Concert Hall

Student Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu '12

Choosing superior big bands from elementary, middle, and high-schools!

This wonderful event features performances from outstanding elementary, middle, and high-school bands active in every area in Japan, including lively local bands from Hamamatsu. In Japan, jazz is enjoyed by an ever-broadening age group, and this festival is held with the aim of helping student jazz here in Hamamatsu to shine even brighter.

Rakugo and Jazz

Saturday, November 3 14:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / The Seminar and Exchange Center Music Studio Hall

rakugo storytelling, with Masahiko Satoh

Masahiko Satoh, who performs at Hamamatsu Jazz Week every year, joins forces with classical rakugo (traditional Japanese storytelling) master Shinya Kokontei to offer genre-spanning entertainment. This delightful event filled the hall with laughter last year, and this year it returns with even more fun, taking an in-depth look at why so many jazz musicians in Japan like rakugo storytelling, and why so many rakugo masters are jazz fans. Featuring authentic rakugo classics, and jazz from an ensemble of traditional Japanese instruments. You’ll laugh so hard it’ll hurt!

Masahiko Satoh (Pf), Shinya Kokontei (Rakugo)
Shinichi Kato (B), Hiroshi Murakami (Dr)
Akiko Uesugi(Vo)

Street Jazz Festival

Sunday, November 4 11:30- North Exit Plaza (Kitara) etc

Street Jazz Festival

Coloring the streets of Hamamatsu with jazz.

Held every year, these performances are very popular, with people enjoying them on street corners throughout the downtown area.


Win T-shirts in the stamp rally!

Original limited-edition T-shirts for the first 100 people to collect stamps from three locations.

*Stamp cards are available at all venues.
*In the event of a large number of entries, winners will be chosen by lottery.
*May include either one event from either Student Jazz or Street Jazz.

City jazz club

Live performances planned for jazz clubs!

  • Otogi Zoshi
  • La Saison Setsugekka
  • Hermit Dolphin
  • Jazz in "B♭"
  • JAZZ SPOT analog.
  • Mein Schloss
  • Tamachi Salon
  • AbuMusic


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