The 22th Hamamatsu Jazz Week


Thank you for coming to Hamamatsu Jazz Week 2013. All events are finished.


Yamaha Jazz Festival

Sunday October 27, 13:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / Main Hall

The jazz entertainment you’ve been waiting for. We promise that this year’s Yamaha Jazz Festival will be full of fun and enjoyment. Indulge in a truly grown-up pleasure. Is it the melody, or the tempo chosen? No... The secret lies in the entertaining atmosphere created by the talent and character of the performers. Each performer offers something of themselves to the music, sharing it with audience to enjoy with them. A toast! That music only becomes music with the presence of the audience. The music speaks to the body, and to the soul. Each of the groups performs in their own unique way, understanding that live jazz is one of life’s most important encounters.

Open the doors. The magic of a true master is about to begin.
Junior Mance Trio
Wholly... Ayado. Singing, playing, conversing.
Chie Ayado
Experience the exciting rhythms of Latin jazz!
Tropical Jazz Big Band
  • Junior Mance Trio
  • Chie Ayad
  • >Tropical Jazz Big Band

Family Jazz Concert

Sunday October 20, 14:00 p.m. - Create Hamamatsu / Hall

  • Family Jazz Concert

Now in their third year of performance, Modern Gag Quartet contains to gain new fans. Any parent knows the songs that their children like. Hirotaka Nakagawa creates those songs窶蚤nd when it comes to this band, it’s all jazz! Songs, performance, picture books, and even magic tricks... Nakagawa and his jazz cover it all. Back by popular demand, "My first jazz" appears on stage.

Hirotaka Nakagawa (Vo), Makoto Oka (Ts,Fl)
Takeshi Otomo(Pf,pianica), Masayuki Tawarayama(B)
Yoshihito Eto(Dr)

Student Jazz Festival

Saturday, October 19 12:30- ACT City Hamamatsu / Concert Hall

Student Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu ’13

Choosing the best big bands from middle, and high schools from around the nation!

This wonderful event features performances from outstanding middle, and high-school bands active in every corner of Japan, including entertaining local bands from Hamamatsu. In Japan, jazz is enjoyed by an ever-expanding age group, and this festival is held with the aim of helping student jazz here in Hamamatsu to shine even brighter.

American Rhapsody Piano Stories
-Gershwin on Gershwin-

Saturday, October 26 14:00- Create Hamamatsu / Hall

Masahiko Satoh (Pf), Tomoko Mariya (playing Kay Swift), Ren Saito (playing Jascha Heifetz)

A man who died at the young age of 38. His tale is told much more eloquently through his music. The leading musical drama “American Rhapsody” uses the music and related correspondence that the prodigy Gershwin left behind to show his life. Now for the 22nd time, pianist Masahiko Satoh commands a new cast to bring this masterpiece to Hamamatsu!

Composer: Ren Saito Producer: Makoto Sato

Masahiko Satoh (Pf), Tomoko Mariya (playing Kay Swift), Atsushi Saito (playing Jascha Heifetz)

Street Jazz Festival

Sunday October 27, 11:30-18:00 North Exit Plaza (Kitara) etc

Street Jazz Festival

Coloring the streets of Hamamatsu with jazz.

Held every year, these popular performances can be enjoyed on street corners throughout the downtown area.


June 19 22nd Hamamatsu Jazz Week website now live!

Win T-shirts in the stamp rally!

Original limited-edition T-shirts for the first 100 people to collect stamps from three locations.

*Stamp cards are available at all venues.
*In the event of a large number of entries, winners will be chosen by lottery.
*May include either one event from either Student Jazz or Street Jazz.

City jazz club

Live performances planned for jazz clubs!

  • Hermit Dolphin
  • Jazz in "B♭"
  • JAZZ SPOT analog.
  • Mein Schloss
  • NEOPASA Hamamatsu
  • La Saison Setsugekka
  • Tamachi salon
  • Abu Music

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