The 24th Hamamatsu Jazz Week



Student Jazz Festival

Saturday, October 17 12:30- ACT City Hamamatsu / Concert Hall

Student Jazz Festival in Hamamatsu

This wonderful event features performances from outstanding middle, and high-school big bands active throughout Japan, including highly-entertaining local bands from Hamamatsu. Enjoy their energetic performances!

Rakugo and Jazz

Sunday, October 18 14:00- ACT City Hamamatsu Seminar and Exchange Center Music Workshop Hall

Rakugo and Jazz

Pianist Masahiko Satoh and renowned rakugo master Shinsho Kokontei join forces to provide entertainment that transcends genres. Let this year's concert once again rock you serenely on an ocean of rhythm.

Masahiko Satoh (Pf), Shinya Kokontei (Rakugo)
Shinichi Kato (B), Hiroshi Murakami (Dr)
Akiko Uesugi(Vo)

Family Jazz Concert

Saturday October 24, 14:00 - Create Hamamatsu / Hall

Family Jazz Concert

Well-known children's songs are transformed into jazz, made even more enjoyable by the Keropons children's entertainment duo. With picture books, dancing, magic tricks and jokes, "My first jazz" is non-stop fun!

Hirotaka Nakagawa (Vo), Makoto Oka (Ts,Fl)
Takeshi Otomo(Pf,Pianica), Masayuki Tawarayama(B)
Yoshihito Eto(Dr)
KEROPON'S: Yuko Masuda, Akiko Hirata

Street Jazz Festival

Sunday October 25, 11:00- Hamamatsu Station North Exit Plaza (Kitara) etc

Street Jazz Festival

Coloring the streets of Hamamatsu with jazz.
Held every year, these popular performances can be enjoyed on street corners throughout the downtown area. Feel free to drop by!

Yamaha Jazz Festival

Sunday October 25, 13:00- ACT City Hamamatsu / Main Hall

Yamaha Jazz Festival

Once again, this year we feature a line-up of three wonderful musicians. Keep your eyes peeled—you may unexpectedly have an "encounter you can only have here!"

The stunningly talented music communicator is on his way!
The tide is full
Here, letting their music flow freely on the YJF sea for the first time, are the duo of Satoru
Satoru Shionoya Duo with Yosuke Onuma, Special Guest Junko Yagami
Jazz born from long-held memories in the Hamamatsu area. A 400 year-long dream made a reality.
The Junko Moriya Orchestra

Hamamatsu Jazz Week Secretariat

Phone: 053-456-7700
Monday-Friday 10 am - 5 pm

City jazz club

Live performances planned for jazz clubs!

  • JAZZ SPOT analog.
  • Jazz in "B♭"
  • Hermit Dolphin
  • Mein Schloss
  • ABU Music
  • La Saison Setsugekka
  • Porte Theater
  • Karakuan Hamamatsu
  • Jazz Bar Fujioka
  • NEOPASA Hamamatsu

A jazz concert... delivered straight to you!

Jazz musicians hold concerts in Hamamatsu elementary schools.

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